Mental health awareness has become a hot topic which has received heightened exposure during the Covid-19 pandemic. Companies are finding that remote working has added additional stress throughout their staff ranks and are creating policies to promote mental well-being.

In Bermuda we have the Bermuda Mental Health Foundation (BMHF) whose mission statement is to promote the preservation of mental health services in Bermuda and to provide resources that will assist in relieving and rehabilitating persons suffering from mental health disorders.

The BMHF is being featured here to introduce employers and employees alike to the Mindful Employer Certificate (MEC) which companies can apply for to qualify for a Gold, Silver or Bronze level award. The MEC is the Bermuda Mental Health Foundation's initiative which seeks to challenge, highlight and cultivate company cultures that put the mental health of their employees as a priority. It is an excellent way of recognizing  a company's processes and policies which support their staff mental health.

The Mindful Employer Certificate ensures that employers are in compliance with existing legislation while challenging them to develop, implement, or enhance sound policies and practices around mental health. The MEC Program begins with a baseline assessment of your company's existing policies and practices and measures them against a set of key standards aimed at fostering a mentally healthy workplace. By providing a grading system, certificates, and badges, your Mindful Employer Certificate provides your organization with a tangible way of making a strong statement about your commitment to your staff's mental wellness. Kudos to the Bermuda Mental Health Foundation for creating and introducing this initiative!

For more information and further details, please visit the BMHF's website at: